Born the youngest save one in a family of ten, I grew up notoriously quiet but secretly wild, playacting my favorite stories and writing some of my own in the woods behind my family's farmhouse. Originally from a small (very small) town in Ohio, I moved to the larger (much larger) Orlando suburbs kicking and screaming at the age of fifteen. It turned out all right in the end and I'm still here, now with an adorable husband, an equally adorable son, and two useless cats. As a Midwestern Southerner, I've attained Level 9 Politeness and prefer my iced tea sweet. 

Still notoriously quiet, though. Not nearly so wild. 

Fun Facts : 

My last name is pronounced "Tah-ron-tah." 

I hold a BA degree in History from the University of Central Florida. (Go Knights!)

I'm a largely self-taught artist, with a handful of community college classes to back up my basics. Most of my work is done in Photoshop CS on a Wacom Cintiq named Pem.  

My very favorite book is The 13 Clocks by James Thurber. It taught me that writing has rhythm and words have beats and if you orchestrate them in just the right way, writing makes music. (It also bolstered a lifelong love of alliteration and villains with insidious hearts and time-stained gloves.)