Splendor and Spark!

I'm a few days behind, but the cover went live for SPLENDOR AND SPARK last week, along with the official synopsis! 


SPLENDOR AND SPARK is definitely intended to feel more hopeful than SHIMMER AND BURN, and I think this brighter cover conveys that. The synopsis has been added under BOOKS, and I'm pretty excited about the story in general. The kingdom of Avinea is explored more in depth, and there's expanded backstory regarding North's relationship with his father, as well as some history regarding Faris's mother. (There are also several scenes with Alistair, for those keeping track, and plenty with North!) ;) 

In life news (and the reason for not posting the cover sooner...), my son was born three weeks ago, happy, healthy, and--in keeping with my mounting medical troubles the past few weeks--too quickly for an epidural. There was also enough blood loss from an apparently rare but totally minor complication that my husband gleefully tells everyone about "the horror show" which followed, but I was and am absolutely fine; no transfusion needed, to the shock of the medical staff, and no lingering side effects other than a minor case of anemia. They even removed my nephrostomy tube because my kidney stones vanished somehow*! Honestly, my only complaint these days is a lack of sleep and even then, it's a fair trade off for snuggles with a newborn. <3

*magic, I'm guessing