Almost April!

I'm in that strange in-between place where things are happening, but in bits and pieces. Not least of which was this:

ARCs! True to my word, I cried when they arrived. And then I freaked out because they were printed before my first pass edits, so there's incontiunities and missing dialog and conversations that got cut back or clarified.... But still: ARCs! Pretty, pretty ARCs full of my words! I'll be doing a giveaway soon, so keep an eye on Twitter if that's your jam. 

I'm also beginning to plan some pre-order swag to include original prints of my characters, so if you do preorder a copy of SHIMMER AND BURN (thank you!!!), keep your receipts! I'll have more details soon. 

Thirdly, some good news for Faris &co! They made two Bustle lists: Obsession Worthy YA Fantasy, and Empowering YA Fantasy Heroines! I'm also super excited whenever I see a book blogger feature Shimmer and Burn because yay!; it's slowly becoming more and more real!

With just over four months to go, my stress levels = strangely manageable. Fingers crossed it stays that way. (: