Five weeks! D:

It's already July! And then August! And then August 8th! 

Once again, I am surprised by my level of chill. My husband and I are expecting our first born child--who has NOT been promised to any trolls, elves, or dark beasties as far as I know--in early October, and being pregnant and planning a debut works well for me, apparently. I'm sufficiently distracted from both things by the other simultaneously, and somehow, things still get done and I still sleep at night. Yay?  

BUT NEWS. I am doing a preorder giveaway, so if you've already ordered a copy of my book and want some cute original art, check out the link in the menu bar, and fill out the form. Easy! 

Secondly, after agonizing for months over should I or shouldn't I*, I committed to a book launch. Details on the Events page! 

THIRDLY, because I don't update nearly enough, Book 2 now has a title: Splendor and Spark! It also has a cover, but that remains a secret for now. (: 

*introvert for life, whoo!