Second printing

I got a package from Simon & Schuster in the mail today and had a moment of panic. "These can't be the ARCs for SPLENDOR AND SPARK," I thought; "I just got the green light on my last edits a few weeks ago! WHAT IF THEY PRINTED ARCS WITH ALL THOSE TERRIBLE MISTAKES I HAVE SINCE CORRECTED!?" 

Turns out it was even better than ARCs! 


SHIMMER AND BURN has gone into a second printing! Which is mind-boggling but also, super humbling. Thank you to anyone who's purchased a copy, or borrowed one from the library, or even just recommended it to someone else. 

In other general news, the release date of SPLENDOR AND SPARK has been pushed back to November 13, 2018. If you preorder a copy, save your receipts! I'll have some new swag to send out!